Before embarking on your adventure, you must first determine your own strengths and weaknesses. Unfortunately the laws of this country do not allow wardens to carry swords or daggers, so you will have to deal with all the monsters you will meet during the day with your bare hands.

If you want to play this seriously, here's how to calculate your SKILL, STAMINA and LUCK scores:

Roll one die. Add 6 to this number and this will be your SKILL.
Roll two dice. Add 12 to the number rolled and this will be your STAMINA.
Roll one die. Add 6 to this number and this will be your LUCK.

I'm not typing out all the complicated rules for fighting, so if you want to know how to fight monsters, consult any Fighting Fantasy Gamebook. Otherwise, just do your best, assume you win all your fights and wander around enjoying the adventure. (But no cheating now.)

There is one true way through the Hostel of Doom and it will take you several attempts to find it. Though you should always try to take the way with the minimum of risk, circumstances will always be against you, and unless you throw the maximum on all the dice rolls, there is not very much point in even attempting the adventure.


Only a foolhardy adventurer would embark upon such a perilous quest without first finding out as much as possible about the hostel and the monsters you may expect to encounter there. You have had a little experience in the past as an assistant warden and so you are likely to have to face Swarming School Parties, Hitch-hiking Americans and Australians, non-English speaking French and worst of all, the dreaded Life Member who became a Life Member in about 1939 for a few bob and has been hostelling on the cheap ever since. However they are very dangerous, as they regard themselves as the elite of the creatures to be found in the Hostel of Doom and they have all-seeing eyes, always alert to the slightest fault in hostel or warden -- or other hostellers -- and will instantly write letters of complaint at the slightest provocation. Only the boldest -- or most reckless -- wardens will tangle with a Life Member. This adventure takes you through the perils of a normal day in the Hostel of Doom during a busy July. It begins at 5.05 p.m. and you are sitting in the warden's kitchen. Now read on...

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