Some small poems

I learned a long time ago that I was no good at poetry and wisely stopped writing it. But then I went on a creative writing course and was introduced to the haiku. To my surprise, I wasn't too bad at them. So here is just about my total haiku output to date.



Bats dart silently
In wild swoops across the sky
And I feel my age.

Recently, on rec.arts.sf.composition, Julian Flood explained why he hated bats and challenged those reading to express his reasons in 5,7,5. So I did...
In complete contrast, this haiku was written on a fine, bright day at the end of March.

Sharp in the sunlight,
The new flowers on the bright gorse
Smell of coconut.


The muddy young bull
Lowers his head and crops the grass
Quickly, step by step.


Three more haikus written during the same walk:

A pair of herons
Pacing by the water's edge.
Bright sun and a sharp wind.


Smooth buds, cracked grey bark,
Twisting away from the wind
A tree turns landward.




Death on velvet paws.
Sleek assassin, razor clawed,
Purring by the fire.

Cat was one of the first haiku I ever wrote, done as an exercise in the creative writing class.
This final haiku was written after visiting Hyddgen, the site of a famous victory by Owain Glyndwr over the English.

Dark against the sky
Ravens fly over Hyddgen
And find no dead here.