Welcome to my web page, where you can find out more about me...

There's some serious stuff here, such as a selection of my photos. I've also made a few of my short stories available and there's a link to my blog.

On the fun side, you can read Hamlet, retold in Lancashire dialect monologue form (in the style of The Lion and Albert). Alternatively, you can see if you could survive a day in the Hostel of Doom, or find out about the care and feeding of piots.

Palomino pony

My photos can now be found here on Flickr.

Some serious stuff...

Binding Space and Time New!
A short story first published in Andromeda Spaceways Inflight Magazine.
The House in the Hollow
A short story first published in Marion Zimmer Bradley's FANTASY magazine.
Sam's First Show New!
A short story first published in Pony Magazine.
A few examples of the only kind of poetry I can write.
My writing
What else have I written, and why the pen-name?
My blog
Where I witter on about writing, going for walks, taking photos and life in general.


And some more frivolous stuff...

Hamlet (in dialect verse)
Shakespeare's classic tragedy re-written in the style of The Lion and Albert.
The Hostel of Doom
Could you survive as a warden? Try this fighting fantasy type adventure game.
About Piots
All you ever needed to know about these imaginary creatures.

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